16. Dezember 2016
von Rebecca Vlassakidis

Work 4-0 – reimagine work

New wave of technology increases productivity by 20-50 percent

Internet, smartphones, social media, and machine learning have transformed the way we live, interact, invest and shop. They are also changing our workplace and how we work today and will work in the future. But there is a gap between user experience of our day-to-day activities with mobile devices and work business.  It has not been prevalent in the workplace. But it will change in the next two to five years as businesses deploy new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, social and mobility. Digital Work or Work 4.0 as a huge opportunity to reimagine work. 

Work 4.0 means a significant change of how we work on the basis of new technology. Experts estimate a 20-50 percent more productivity and it helps companies to improve their employee engagement and talent retention. An increase, which hasn’t happen since the introduction of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and productivity tools in the early 1990s. This value is too significant to ignore for any executive. It is a chance to energize the workforce, reimagine work, drive speed and agility in the businesses of companies. CEOs and HR executives must rethink their 2020 workforce planning. Their strategy should include retooling their current workforce, targeting new talents, and adopting technology to engage and retain their employees.

How CEOs and HR executives can reimagine work and impact workplace with “the four ways“.

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