09. Februar 2017
von Daniela Burggraf

Lucky buyers

99% shipment accuracy and punctuality to Skullcandy customers

Touching almost 80 countries globally and operating with an immense growth of people, inventory and innovative products, one of Skullcandy’s main challenge is getting the execution of orders to cash be done smoothly while reducing complexity of its rising brand. The solution they came up with: SAP Business ByDesign.

Taking data points to trending out how customers around the world are doing

With SAP Business ByDesign, Skullcandy is able to scale its business, while real-time data helps finding new ways to cut data and new nuggets of information that can be used to change and improve strategy. To bring further innovations to life. And to grow even more. Anywhere.


See how CEO, COOs and CFOs and Sales executives can innovate with speed while having finance, reporting and business transparency in order:

Bildquelle: © yurolaitsalbert, Fotolia

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